Sung Su Kim

Sung Su Kim

Los Angeles, CA, US


NYC Aquarium Contest (1 month project)

The program was set to make the riverfront as the public hub. The open park is open to any public and directs the emphasis toward to the connection of riverfront parks and public places. Ticketing Pavilion provides a surreal experience to the visitor arrives at the aquarium. Visitors will be directed to move through a glass tunnel with dream-like sense. As they come out of the tunnel, they will encounter the explorium at the lowest level of the main building. As the visitor approaches the end of the exhibit, the Showplace will be confronted. Vertical louver system is designed to imitate the form of the wave. When is viewed from the Northwest, the glazing is exposed, yet, when it is viewed from the Southwest, the louvers form the in-and-out waving on the façade. The tiered system allowed space for the clearstory, but also louvered to prevent direct sunlight. Flat roof allowed for the PV-panels to be placed easily.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Solo Work