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The new Losbates school is an opportunity to give the community of
Louňovice, Štíhlice, Babice, Thovec and Svojetice a new magnet center
for social interaction, where learning, arts and sports share common
grounds in a dynamic and interactive way.

The organic shapes of both the individual function volumes as well as
the central ring connecting them, allows for flawless circulation,
guaranteeing inclusiveness of all parts into a single, new cultural hub.

Here the library, with its central courtyard, becomes the center and
focal point around which the school, auditorium, gym, cafeteria, and art
school revolve.

The circular volumes, which individually enclose one or more functions,
not only negate the front-back hierarchy of most buildings replacing it
with a continuous perimeter “front”, but also allow for physical and
visual interaction with both the surrounding landscape and the
residential setting. Simultaneously, the proximity of the volumes to
each other, their mutual interaction, allows for vibrant interior and
exterior areas for socializing, playing, studying and resting, creating
visual links to the surrounding site.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Czech Republic