New York, NY


Apartment for Art Collectors

We were contacted by our client, a couple of art lovers and collectors,  to combine 2 apartments on the 17th floor of an apartment building on  Fifth avenue, with sweeping views of Central park and NYC. Their desire was to have a space that would allow them to display their collection of art, from paintings to sculptures.

Our task was then to create a space especially crafted to show art at its best. Our concept was clear from the beginning: the entire apartment would serve  as a canvas of sort, a lucid backdrop for their art to be the sole  protagonist of the scene. It needed to be a neutral, clear and precise  space.

We achieved that by transforming the space originally divided  in several rooms into an open floor plan, a reminder of an art gallery,  expect one that has also magnificent views of Central Park. The result is a continuous and light filled space.

Entry hall, living, dining and kitchen are all contiguous to each other and  organized around a single centered volume that receives artworks on all  sides. By also keeping compact, yet comfortable bedrooms and  bathrooms, and dedicating openness and spaciousness to the common areas, we were able to achieve a visually uninterrupted space.

All finishes are kept with the "canvas" concept in mind: walls and ceiling are  painted white, the floor is poured in place concrete with irregular  embedded bronze inserts. Only when entering bathrooms and bedrooms, one  is surprised to find strong colors purposely in contrast with the rest  of the apartment. All furniture are very light in color to not compete with the art, thus contributing for an open reading of the overall space.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architects/Designers