Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

Mexico, MX

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Project: Revillagigedo
Construction: 620m2  Start Date: April 2012
Due Date: November 2012
Location: Club de Golf Chiluca, Mexico Edo. De Mexico
Photography:  German Cuellar

The house Revillagigedo was conceptualized with a classic style of the 50's inspired by the work of Mies van der Rohe set in a contemporary and modern context
The architecture of this house is based on the simplicity of the structural elements, for the geometrical composition and the total absence of ornaments based on the proportions highlighting the lightness of the house as well as transparency and floating structure making it a living space, with bedrooms, a playroom, a study and a public float with views overlooking the garden.
To achieve a structure that lets in different sets of light was one of the challenges when designing this house; it is very important that the elements not only work but are incorporated into the architectural design of each work.
The house is designed in two main blocks. The fist one which is at the front and is made up of public spaces distinguished by its large windows creating a large showcase.

One important aspect is the fact that the views from the lobby of the house does not have the same proportion as the views are closed by wooden trimmings which in turn serve as closets and form a wood cube within a cube glass, not until they get off the first steps where it opens with crystals and the space becomes completely open through glass windows and only interrupted by a marble fireplace element that breaks the transparency of the house.
To give the interior a modern twist it will be dressed in different types of stones, granite and marble, and most will be in neutral colors.
The used stones: steel, marble, and glass, in its absolute purity, and concrete, work in all its possibilities, as a structural element and as a finishing exterior material .The house is characterized by its simplicity, abstraction of elements and search for rational spaces that form a continuum.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mexico, MX
Firm Role: ARCHITECTURE, Interior Design, Landscape