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Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

Mexico, MX



Project: Canterburry 39
Construction: 420 square meters  Start date: March 2012
Delivery date: October 2012
Location: Condado de Sayavedra, Atizapan de Zaragoza Estado de Mexico.
Photography:  German Cuellar

North of Mexico City, on uneven ground that only offers a few meters wide and 16 meters from the curb drop to the lowest point of the land is the home design Canterbury looking to take advantage of terrain.
Following the landform we opted for a design that surprised from its entry because only from the top level it can be seen as a volume that connects to a bridge which is the entrance.
The main challenges in this project were to create a garden with direct relationship to the house, and how to give presence to the front of the house from the sidewalk level.
We chose to give the house plant just 1.20 meters above the garden, which in this case is the lowest point of the ground, reaching only the top level of the sidewalk for a volume that contains all the vertical circulations of the house. This contains the entrance hall to the house, and a garage linked by a bridge on metal structure which is the main entrance of the house.
Roofs become planters, fully integrated to the project, mainly to the access facade.
The whole project revolves around a 120 m2 terrace with a covered area of 25 m2 located in the middle of the house. The terrace is traversed by a tree that was respected from the original design, which will serve to provide shade and give life to the terrace.
This terrace is located on level 01, along to the lounge, kitchen, dining room and service area. The mezzanine level has a half height. And, the terrace serves as the focal point to all of the house´s views.
This whole area has a large window that lets us see the vegetation of the area creating a cozy and relaxing environment.
At the next level 02, there are 3 bedrooms with bathroom, dressing room and a TV room.
The lowest level of the house or basement level contains a multipurpose room of 65 m2 in extent, with two windows that open space to integrate with the house´s garden.

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Status: Built
Location: Mexico, MX
Firm Role: Architecture, Cosntruction