Sloan Springer, AIA

Sloan Springer, AIA

Philadelphia, PA, US



Borneo-Sporenburg, a redevelopment of two dockland peninsulas in Amsterdam by West 8, is characterized by it’s unique reinterpretation of traditional Dutch terrace housing. The low-rise, high-density streets offer maximum architectural variation and individual identity, while also focusing the units to the private realm through the use of interior patios and roof gardens.

The proposed additional end unit, paired with a small public space to cap off one of the peninsulas, seeks to mediate between the realm of public and private by establishing a coherent waterfront elevation that tapers down to a more intimate street front entry. This allows for southern sunlight to penetrate further on to the public lawn, and provides a dual- level roof garden which overlooks the harbor beyond.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Amsterdam, NL
My Role: Designer