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Siniša Prvanov

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  • Location: Nha Trang, Viet Nam
  • Total Area: 2450 m2
  • Project Title: Construction of 5 star hotel King Town
  • Project Sponsor: (OPIC) 
  • Date Prepared: 12/11/2015 
  • Completion Date: 06/12/2016
  • Chief designer: architect Phạm Nguyễn Bảo
  • Interior design: Dr. Siniša Prvanov
  • Construction Supervision: architect Hien Nguyen Thang

Located in the middle of the busiest part of the tourist metropolis of Vietnam Nha Trang, King Town Hotel is designed to be a model of tropical city hotel with multipurpose tools. Design and construction of interior architectural team were entrusted to the company SAIGON NGUYENLONG CONSTRUCTION. The project was successfully completed in mid-2016.

Location for construction of a hotel is located in the central city area. All approaches at (motor and pedestrian) have been resolved appropriately and highlighted according to their importance. Hotel is characterized by the typical dimensions of Vietnamese standard width of 22m and a length of 60m.

Architects had the great challenges, such as proximity to the coast but also the specific of Vietnam tropical climate. Entrance of sunlight and fresh air are solved by creating a vertical tunnel (16 floors high) in the center of the hotel. This gap provides natural lighting and ventilation of internal space in order to reduce the use of artificial lighting and air conditioning and thus helps to rapidly reduce energy.

Special attention was paid to solving parking problems by forming underground garage. Above mentioned garage is a large plateau arranged so that contributes to the level of representativeness of the hotel. One of the most important elements in this concept is also large outdoor pool on the frontal side of the hotel. Swimming pool effectively visually connects the hotel with the surrounding area-seashore.

The architectural team has successfully managed to reconcile the requirements of the owner of the hotel with the desired aesthetic solutions. Botanical facade at the back side of the hotel is designed to take advantage of the Vietnam tropical weather. The trees average height 3m forming the green wall on the balcony fronts. This tall trees vertically connecting the floors and emphasize the visual continuity of the object. As for the interior, all facilities - public, administrative and economic nature are clearly positioned and connected in a way that is characteristic of this type of public buildings. Hotel is designed functionally and aesthetically in line with the strict requirements of modern tourism and hospitality industry. The interior design is insisting on simplicity and aesthetic minimalism. Bearing in mind that this is a city hotel type, hotel has: conference room for 200 people, 74 single rooms, 14 double rooms and 10 suites. Total floors of the hotel is Po + P + M + 14, a gross area of 8620 m².

The interior design carefully used local materials and traditional decorative motifs. The most common materials are natural stone and Onix marble. To create a fixed furniture, such as bars and counters, architects used tropical solid wood-Tik. The interior design of rooms and apartments used furniture of Italian company DIEMMEBI. For individual luminaires used in representative areas of the lobby and the exterior was engaged also known Italian brand Lucca.

King Town Hotel Grand in its design certainly follows modern architectural and by construction trends, but also relies on and benefits from the boom of tourism in the area. Key concepts that the creators of this building are: "The enjoyment of the local tropical climate", "Use of natural energy" and "Maximizing the potential of local craftsmen and materials." They hoped that their design will become the prototype of a new kind of hotel in Vietnam.

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Status: Built
Location: Nha Trang, VN
My Role: Interior Design Adviser