Siniša Prvanov

Siniša Prvanov

Athens, Greece


Blue Lagoon Villas II

At Mykonos, Greek island of winds, architect Siniša Prvanov and Georgios Nousias materialized the vision of Gunary family, a group of four houses that were built on the slopes of the southern part of the island called: Platis Gialos. The location of this building is characterized with magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the ancient sanctuary of Delos, as well as the cascade slope of the terrain.

In the first phase of the project in mid 2016, the first two were built west of the house, using the most modern standards, are designed in such a way that primarily serve the needs of owners and their guests. The style is traditional, while decorative elements respect the architecture of the exterior of the island of Mykonos. Successive volumes compete with the logic of traditional houses, built with alternating terraces, balconies and wooden pergola. The slope of the terrain is favorable for the construction of two large pools designed in organic forms. Open and semi-open space also participated in the architectural concept, so that the final result is hierarchical harmony and communication with the environment.

The primary requirements of the owner was to show proper respect for the traditional architecture and landscape. A careful consideration of sustainable design, designers have used materials such as gypsum, local stone and wood cedar and oak. For window design is also used traditional experiences. The openings are oblong, and allows sufficient access to light. For the interior are used elements such as massive wooden beams on the ceiling and wall mounted lighting.

The inspiration for the symbolic names of these houses were the basic four elements of ancient Greek philosophy. So that  the name of the first house is "water" and the other "earth".

In the first house, called "water", dominated by white and blue colors. The interior comes to mixing traditional with modern elements. As the neo-baroque references are used in the design of furniture and lighting.

Have a magnificent view and knowing that the weather on the island can often be unpredictable, thunderstorms during the day and at night very fresh, was one of the many challenges for architects. The goal was to create an open horizon and allow a view of the sea from almost all positions of the interior. With this in mind, the organization of the interior of the main living room and dining room, successfully follows this requirement. The same atmosphere is repeated on the premises of the home. Carefully chosen decorations and colors affect the mood relaxed. The materials reflect the style and character of the Greek landscape. Each room is designed in a different spirit. The master bedroom is simple and elegant with an open bathroom that communicates with the rest of the space. The other two bedrooms that are designed for the guests, the first follows the traditional style I used a built-in beds, while the other is configured ethnic character and used bright colors and floor cloth.

In the second house, the house of "earth", the character of the interior changes, not only in the organization and distribution of functions, but also in the choice of colors and materials. Earth tones, stone in its natural color as the wood Cedar, contribute to ethnic feel. The living room is projected at the level of the pool, while the recreational facilities located on the first floor. The bedrooms and bathrooms that accompany them, are designed with extreme care, using natural and quality materials to create an ergonomic and above all comfortable space.
It should also be noted that the exterior takes care not to disrupt the current state of the field. The existing walls were used as both functional and decorative elements. The flooring of the pool and  furniture design was used waterproof wood teak. For exterior lighting were used recessed lighting equipment manufacturers Philips and Osram.

Project information

Architectural Design: Arch. Siniša Prvanov
Structural design: Ing. Arch. Georgios Nousias
Supervision: Nikos Sgouros-Dinos Mitsolas
Construction: Bros Mitsou
Location: Platis Gialos, Mykonos, Greece
Land Area: 4000 m²
Area of ​​building: A, B: 350 + 350 m²
Study: 2015
Construction: 2016-2017
Photos: Costas Efremidis

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Status: Built
Location: Mýkonos, GR
My Role: Interior Designer