Silvia Elias

Silvia Elias

Brooklyn, NY, US


Biophilic Interconnection

Thesis Project for my M.Arch Degree

 I have centered my project it around biophilic design however with the focus on materiality as compared to floral additions. There are three categories that the principles of biophilic design are separated into which are;  Nature in the space - dealing with the physical and sensual matter of biophilia,  nature analogous to the space - which deals with using patterns found in nature in an organization or visual. And nature of the space deals with how you FEEL in the space. 

My projects deal more with nature in and analogous to the space but with the intention of focusing most of my design on materiality and pattern rather than simply adding plants to the space and calling it sustainable.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US