Silvia Piccione

Silvia Piccione

Rome, IT


Smart Pavilion, Naples, Sixth World Urban Forum


The structure components made in chestnut wood, are jointed together by interlocking systems and customised wooden diagonals. Set up dry and directly on the structure, without any chemical glue use, the system technology offers opportunities for closing the loop by reuse the existing components.


The lightweight material and the modular dimensions make the structure easy to transport: folded, linked together and stacked one on top of the other. Due to  its feasibility and fast-deployment nature it can be quickly sited and set up, generates portable and incredibly versatile solutions.


The configurations that can be made to its basic shape are almost limitless, can be modified in a variety of ways to suit particular functional purposes. Conceived to provide temporary or semi-permanent accommodation ( infrastructure and skin) the system works where traditional building methods are impractical due to cost, time or logistical conditions.

Energetically self-sufficient

The skin is made by a pv textile (PW 90, amorphous silicon) able to adapt itself to complex shapes providing impressive energetic performances and indoor overshadowing conditions.

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Status: Built
Location: Napoli, IT
My Role: Project team designer, environmental analysis consultant
Additional Credits: Architect: Paolo Cascone / COdesignLab

Design team / COdesignLab: Paolo Cascone, Elisabetta Corvino, Pietro Nunziante, Silvia Piccione - (AA SED - analisi ambientali)

Construction team / COdesignLab : Paolo Cascone, Elisabetta Corvino, Elena Ciancio, Imma Polito, Andrea Giglio, Giuliano Galluccio, Delia Evangelista, Silvia Piccione, Rossella Siani, Claudia Balestra, Achille Piroli

Communication / COdesignLab: Tamara Vecchione

Structural consultant: Massimiliano Fraldi / DIST

Environmental consultant: Silvia Piccione / AA_EE_SED

Wood consultant: Eugenio Giliberti / Selve del Balzo

Main Sponsor: STRESS scarl