Silvia Piccione

Silvia Piccione

Rome, IT


Grid (h)ome pavillon

The prototype is testing design solutions for flexible and temporary outdoor amenities, by using low-tech and easy assembly building systems.
This pavilion offers a way to link high-tech design (parametric modelling and environmental performance simulations) with low-tech construction (achievable without specialized workers, quick and with few resources).
With its inauguration on October 1st, the final prototype installation is aimed at widespread awareness of using chestnut wood from the anthropological forest of Southern Italy Region, environmental and parametric design processes have been hosted by the National Institute of Architecture INARCH and arch. Paolo Cascone co_design Lab, which coordinated the site construction experience and self-construction activity, from design phase to manufacture.
The modular panelling, coordinated under the direction of Silvia Piccione (AA MSc Environmental Sesign), has beed designed basing on solar exposure simulations. 

September 15– October 1/2011
ROME _ P.zza Manfredo Fanti,
Casa dell’Architettura.

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Status: Built
Location: Roma, IT
My Role: Student, Environmental analysis simulation
Additional Credits: COdesignLab, UniNa, Selve del Balzo, InArch, Casa dell'Architettura