Shumin Sun

Shumin Sun

New York, NY, US


Museum in the Park, Park in the Museum

The MET museum presents itself as the perfect institution that is ready to question its history and its home. This studio will mobilize the interest in housing the modern and contemporary art collection to question the qrchitecture of this old institution: both the Met’s original, heavy 2 Million square feet buildings, (museum as fixed collection of rooms) and the no less heavy (104 X 125 square foot) Breuer’s Modernist box. The scope of the studio is to look at the work of new pieces of Arab/ Islamic modern and contemporary artists and design specific spaces to house them. 

The Met is in the Central Park, however it has no relationship with the park. Because Met’s too big to interact the park, I tried to bring the park into the museum.


Professor: Ziad Jamaleddine

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Solo