Detroit, MI, US

In progress - model for Revitalization Plan
In progress - model for Revitalization Plan

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is an initiative by a large corporation to invigorate living, working, and playing Downtown Detroit for locals and its employees. I was responsible for the analysis of conditions of a selected area Downtown with another colleague. After this analysis, I put together a presentation consisting of analysis maps, zoning, economic trends, and precedents for the review of the corporate committee. The next phase of the project involves suggestions for a walkable and lively downtown. Along with the project manager, I put together the presentation which includes proposals for catalyst development sites, building and land use, streetscape development, and pedestrian pathways based on previous analysis and existing development plans.

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Status: Built
Location: Detroit, MI, US
My Role: Presentation of planning analysis, catalyst development suggestions, schematic design, and physical model,
Additional Credits: Hamilton Anderson Associates