Shawnda Rixey

Shawnda Rixey

Lubbock, TX, US



I started college later in life but I see that as a great thing. Freshman year at TTU College of Architecture the professors kept telling us that we won't be very success until we are 50, so since I was 25 at that time I figure I was already half way there.

I see architecture not as a career or a profession, I see it as a lifestyle. I have learned in architecture school that architecture itself takes over your life.  In college it is suppose to be like that but I have a strong feeling that it will always be like that. Architecture doesn't sleep, it doesn't only exist between 9 to 5.

To be able to survive being in architecture you have to have a little bit of crazy in you and a whole lot of passion. If you don't ask yourself each semester at least once why you are doing this, then you aren't doing it right. Anytime I ask myself 'why am I doing this?' 2 minutes later I reply back "because im crazy about this and everything else is boring.'

Being in my last year of graduate school I am excited about getting into architecture as an architect and not just a student. Although I do believe that you never stop learning, so I will forever be a student. I am looking for a job to start my IDP. I have an interest in Urban planning and Historic Preservation but mainly of how they can work together. I am hoping to learn more about both while being an architect and a lifelong student.


CADCO Architects-Engineers,Inc., Abilene, TX, US, Project Architect

My career at this firm has grown from an architectural intern to being a project architect. The firm size is considered medium with 14 people. I currently hold the other positions within the computer similar to HR but I also share office manager work with our receptionist.

When we have summer interns I am the welcome committee and their supervisor. I love teaching and I get to teach these students while they are here. I don't have a set program for how I teach. Each student is different and learns differently so I adjust to what they need to know, how they learn best and what are they interested in learning about.

Aug 2013 - current

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, US, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Aug 2012 - Dec 2012


Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, US, MArch, Architecture

I was able to start my Graduate studies during my undergraduate career. The graduate studios I have completed: Comprehensive Studio by Danny Nowak, Urban Studio by David Driskill, Collaboration Studio by Javier Gomez. The graduate classes I have taken; Gothic Literature, Post Industrial Landscapes, Construction with a focus on production with CNC machine.

I finished my education by working a summer internship of 2013 for The Architectural Office of Tim McClarty.

Aug 2011 - Aug 2013

Texas Tech University, College of Architecture, Bachelors, architecture

This was my pre-professional degree. I was on the Dean's List for several semesters. My interest in Historical Preservation started during this undergraduate program. I received the Sasser Scholarship award in Historic Preservation.
Graduated with a GPA: 3.37.

Aug 2008 - Dec 2011

Areas of Specialization