Ian Shaw Architekten

Ian Shaw Architekten

Frankfurt am Main, DE


Kantine - Herkules Maschinenfabrik

The use of light as a building element, defining space and animating form, is central to this interior project.

Three identical lightwells articulate the scheme, transforming what was once a dreary, non-descript room into a new, visually engaging facility, used not only now as a canteen, but also as a gallery for design and award presentations.

Engineered to an exacting standard, each lightwell generates an arresting source of natural light, while their prefabrication meant time on site was kept to a minimum - just one working day for the old roof to be demolished and replaced with the new structure, incorporating not only the lightwells but also a concealed air conditioning unit. Fresh air enters the space via an elegant linear channel inscribed into the ceiling; warm stale air is extracted via a series of small holes evenly spaced around the top edge of each lightwell.

The lighting theme continues in the entrance hall, with a stainless steel canopy set within the glazed frontage. During the day, the canopy's reflectivity animates the ambient light conditions. While at night, its underside is bathed in the company’s corporate blue, courtesy of the LED lighting recessed into the floor plinth.

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Status: Built
Location: Meuselwitz, DE
Additional Credits: All images courtesy of Ian Shaw Architekten BDA RIBA