Ian Shaw Architekten

Ian Shaw Architekten

Frankfurt am Main, DE


Herkules Pittsburgh

This well-engineered glass box houses the US administrative headquarters of the Herkules Group, a world leader in the manufacture of roll machining equipment. Offices and meeting rooms are organised in a U-shape configuration around the central service spine, with scenic views of the neighbouring woodland area on its west facing side. Sun glare is subtly managed by semi transparent screens.

The reception area, double height lobby and stairwell organise the building's south facing elevation, finished externally with a striking roof sign in perforated mesh. This announces and locates the development in its surroundings while simultaneouly softening the visual impact of the mechanical plant equipment sited on the roof. 

The sculptural configuration of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems - all of which are powered by a subterranean geothermal heat-well adjacent to the building - reflects the project's industrial aesthetic. This can also be seen in the elegant folded steel plate staircase at the front of the building, which was fabricated by the client; and in the use of translucent glass bricks, which illuminate the central service spine housing the technical infrastructure and kitchen.

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Status: Built
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US