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Mesa Commons
Mesa Commons

Mesa Commons Cafeteria and Bookstore

Balancing multiple uses in one highly sustainable design, this facility is envisioned to become the new hub for the Mesa College campus.


  • Mixed-use facility leverages our firm’s retail
  • expertise to enhance campus life
  • Two cafeterias
  • Culinary arts program facilities and classrooms
  • Campus store
  • Student lounge and meeting rooms
  • Reprographics services
  • Convenience store
  • Coffee Café


  • Solar chimneys for passive ventilation
  • Solar tracking skylights for natural lighting
  • Reclaimed HVAC unit condensation for cooling
  • trash rooms and irrigating the culinary program’s rooftop garden
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Status: Built
Location: San Diego, CA, US
Additional Credits: This design-build project for the San Diego Community College District is managed by the SGPA | Miller Hull Partnership.