Seth Barnard

Seth Barnard

Laguna Beach, CA, US


Feral City

"Seth’s project, as he states, asks the simple question “What if we introduced [or re-introduced] zoological/ entomological/ botanical specimens into our everyday lives?” And we totally agree with you Seth. What if? What if we had a greater awareness of the animals already around us? What if a greater diversity of animals could find a way back into our cities, or towns? In the nooks and crannies of a decaying metropolitan World Seth Muses about this “What if” question. In the Feral City coyote’s take over the Holland Tunnel, bats squat undisturbed in vacant apartment towers and insects build their own habitats. The images are stark, uncannily axonometric and, with the exception of a lone imprisoned beekeeper utterly devoid of Human presence — images of post-Katrina New Orleans, or present day Detroit come to mind. We are indeed led to imagine an oxymoronic urbanism, one without human presence — begging the question: does such a radically diverse ecology exist only in the absence of humans? We doubt this, and we believe Seth does as well."

As we are bound and confined by buildings, so are animals in a zoo. These scenarios propose a new kind of ecosystem that coagulates the Homo sapien environment with an that of an animal. Just as the settler builds on the west, the animal builds in the “Feral City”. The “Feral City” is a wild city. The plants, animals and insects proposed are merely meant to be catalysts of an emergent ecosystem of many more systems and organisms. These are theoretical proposals for a symbiotic relationship with organisms other than ourselves, inherently evolving/ changing.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York City
My Role: Independent
Additional Credits: The Cooper Union