Sean McGuire

Sean McGuire

Chicago, IL, US


Ps1 YAP "Moments"

Principal: Ammar Elouieni - AEDs

December 2011- February 2012

final for Ps1 MoMa YAP

The proposal creates a 21st century urban oasis in the fabled courtyard of Ps1. The design encourage visitors to meander through a maze-like field of objects, enticing them to take different paths, creating distinct experiential and environmentally themed moments. This anti-monumental, anti "plop" art approach is acutely attuned to both the human scale and elemental senses. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Computational design, design development, post-processing
Additional Credits: Design team: Nick Gervasi, Jana Masset, Sean McGuire, Jade Jiambutr