Sean McGuire

Sean McGuire

Chicago, IL, US


Dutch Dialogues: Seamless Topography

Dutch Dialogues 3 is the third series of the workshops, involving international and interdisciplinary discussions, research and design studios under the topic of New Orleans water management issues. The Seamless Topography project is the result of the design studio component, using the area long the Orleans Avenue Canal as a test site. Under the premise proposed by a group of Dutch engineers that the appropriate solution for the city's water management is to create flexible infrastructure that allows larger scale water retention, the design studio strives to explore possibilities of reconnection between the city and its environmental context, water.

Seamless Topography seeks to reapproach this influential environmental condition through integrating a dynamic wetland condition int he Lakeview Neighborhood. By sculpting a programmatic bridge across the Orleans Canal, this project seeks to symbolically integrate City Park and Lakeview while exposing New Orleans' true status as city defined by its environmental condition.  

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Team: Sean McGuire, Jade Jiambutr