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Zvi Hecker "Two Strips" Exhibition Opens October 9 @ SCI-Arc Gallery

By sciarcnews
Sep 10, '15 11:52 AM EST

SCI-Arc is pleased to present Two Strips, an exhibition by architect Zvi Hecker opening October 9 in the SCI-Arc Gallery. Hecker’s installation converts the gallery from a passive container into an active participant in the exhibition itself. The site-specific design consists of two strips tying together the gallery’s four walls, ceiling and floor. These intersecting strips serve as backdrop for presenting drawings and paintings by the architect, as well as materials selected by students as representative of Hecker’s architecture. The installation is both a collaborative project between the architect and students part of the installation team, and a dialogue between two sets of materials carried by the two strips.

Born in 1931in Krakow, Poland, Hecker grew up in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. He studied architecture at the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and painting at the Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv. He taught architecture at Laval University, Quebec and at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. In 1960, he set up his architecture practice in Tel-Aviv and in 1991 in Berlin. His architecture projects in Israel include the Bat-Yam City Hall, Dubiner House (with Alfred Neumann and Eldar Sharon), Palmach Museum of History, Tel Aviv (with Rafi Segal), The Spiral Apartment House, and the Military Academy in Negev. In Europe, he designed the Jewish School in Berlin, the Jewish Cultural Centre in Duisburg, and The Royal Dutch Military Police Complex (Koningin Máximakazerne) at the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Hecker lives and works in Berlin.