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Young Alumni Win SCI-Arc 40/40 Anniversary Design Competition

By sciarcnews
Apr 3, '13 1:17 PM EST
Fractal Projections │Evelina Sausina & Eugene Kosgoron
Fractal Projections │Evelina Sausina & Eugene Kosgoron

SCI-Arc’s Alumni Council has selected Fractal Projections, a proposal by alumni Evelina Sausina (B.Arch ‘11) and Eugene Kosgoron (M.DesR ‘12) as the winning design in the 40/40 competition to create an anniversary installation of alumni work. The exhibition will first be on view in the lobby of the Farmers and Merchants bank during the upcoming Downtown LA Art Walk scheduled Thursday, April 11. It will then be re-assembled at SCI-Arc for the school’s anniversary weekend on April 19-20th.

Fractal Projections is a play on the idea of the cube broken in space, which creates an interlocking grid system that follows a linear deformation, allowing the break from the norm grid behavior into a family of fractal surfaces. It pays homage to forty years of SCI-Arc, while at the same time honoring the work of more than 4,000 alumni that have passed through the school.

The inspiration for this installation originated from traditional Eastern European craft. The cubes are fragmented in modular units than can be reconfigured in multiple ways with only two variations in tube structure length. The materials that form the surfaces are Tyvek and reflective film, which serve as a “canvas” to depict alumni work. The other faces are a matrix of surfaces that change in orientation and material behavior. The lightweight modules are made of two components that are suspended in space using fishing wires, engaging an active audience and providing clean surfaces for projective mapping.

Following the one-day-only exhibition during April’s Downtown LA Art Walk, the installation will be re-assembled at SCI-Arc to serve as the centerpiece of the Alumni Lounge during the school’s 40th anniversary weekend. More about the celebration at