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Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

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SCI-Arc Announces 2014-2015 Design of Theory Fellowship Program

By sciarcnews
Jun 6, '14 4:44 PM EST

SCI-Arc is now accepting fellowship applications for its Design of Theory Fellowship program, advancing and advocating the necessity for theory and discourse within the contemporary architectural design spectrum. Over the course of the one-year program cycle, Design of Theory Fellows will be encouraged to emerge as public intellectuals, leading speculative discussions in the practice of architecture, and connecting these emerging ideas to the discipline both academically and at large.  Fellows will be given unique opportunities to tune architectural research and writing through numerous exploratory formats, from publications to symposia to gallery exhibitions.  While specifically focused on developments at SCI-Arc in the first year of the program, Design of Theory fellows will be highly encouraged to participate in discussions on a global stage, and among other public intellectuals. The emphasis of the fellowship will be on the shaping of contemporary architectural praxis and thought – its processes, products, formats and documents.
Successful candidates for the Design of Theory Fellowship will possess an advanced degree in Architectural Design (M.Arch 1 or equivalent) and a demonstrated ability to conduct research and scholarly writing at a graduate level (a B.A. in Humanities or History or related field is preferred).  Applicants who have already published in architectural journals or books will be especially encouraged to apply.  Writing samples are required for application, in addition to three letters of recommendation and a current CV.  A complete list of application materials may be obtained from the SCI-Arc Director’s Office at

Deadline to apply is June 30, 2014.

Fellows will be awarded a one-year stipend.  Duties may include assistance in teaching in the Cultural Studies program area; assistance in gallery and special events coordination; and/or assistance in editing publications. Fellows will be reviewed by a committee composed of Cultural Studies and Design faculty on a yearly basis to assess progress and development.