Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design

Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design

Detmold, DE


M-CDC Master - Computational Design and Construction

The post-graduate Master program focuses on digital design methods and construction technologies in Architecture, Engineering and Design. The curriculum provides scientific and practical foundation and gives an overview of latest developments in Computational Design and Construction.

The independent German accreditation institute ACQUIN awarded the quality seal to the study in 2011 after a successful accreditation process.

Digital technologies altered the field of architecture and the architectural profession significantly – from design to production. Against this background the study program incorporates the professional qualities of higher architectural education as well as the theoretic and operative aspects of information technology.

The three-semester Master program addresses graduates of Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Information Technology and related studies. Cooperative projects, symposia and master theses serve as a platform for collaborations with the building industry, software suppliers, other universities and architectural offices.