IFDC International Facade Design and Construction

IFDC International Facade Design and Construction

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International Facade Design and Construction - IFDC

Post-graduate Master course at University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany.
„There are not many schools in the world, that offer a course like this“, states Peeraphol Chirayucharoensak from Thailand, here he was employed as architect for the last three years. For the post-graduate Master course he quitted his job and came to Germany. „Everybody at home said: If you want to specify in engineering, you need to go to Germany“.
Current technologies and high functional demands have made many specializations necessary for planning-related professions in the fields of construction and architecture. As a newcomer, façade planning is indisputably high on the list of the most demanding and versatile professional specializations.

The IFDC offers:

− Post-Graduate Master course at the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany
− Part-time study in an international group of participants.
− Introduction into state-of-the-art facade technologies and latest developments.
− First ‚International Master course for Facades‘ in Germany
− Overview of technical know-how with focus on changes and developments of envelope constructions, as part of the design approach.
− Procurement of detailed knowledge and scientific basics in the field of architecture and building construction related to facades. 
− Qualification for planning and realizing of construction work in projects related new buildings and existing constructions, concerning deconstruction, renovation, conversion and recycling.
− Synergies and extra value from combination of academia, companies and experts from all over Europe.
− Graduate as Master of Engineering ‚M.Eng.‘

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IFDC Master course (International Facade Design and Construction) : HS - OWL University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Our facade master course (IFDC) is providing the current technologies and the high functional demand in the faced field; we are achieving this through a close cooperation with companies and manufacturers specialized in facade. Therefore, our blog will present our master course and what we are doing in this program.

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