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University of Detroit Mercy

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Call for Submission: Dichotomy 27 GATHER

By dichotomyudm
Mar 24, '23 2:02 PM EST

Dichotomy, a student published journal, strives to be a critical link between University of Detroit Mercy students and the discourses on design, architecture, urbanism, and community development. Like the institution, Dichotomy focuses on social justice and critical thought concerning intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development both in and outside of Detroit. The aim of Dichotomy is to disseminate these relevant investigations conducted by students, faculty, and professionals.


Abstracts due May 1, 2023

Dichotomy invites responses and perspectives that are grounded in GATHER.

Gather is movement. The undeniable force which collects, congregates and accumulates through time and space towards a center. Through gathering, immaterial and material matter are integrated into a synergistic whole. Gather identifies concepts and mediums across multiple dimensions to illuminate a pathway molded into a holistic collage. This is a mosaic of equally valued perspectives and ideas. Dichotomy 27 explores the intrinsic nature of gathering to create a collection which brings new understanding and meaning to positions within design, architecture, community development, and related fields through essays, articles and other creative works.