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Boston Architectural College (BAC)

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BAC Student Present Work at Boston Society of Architects' "In and Around Boston"

Greg Sikora
Jan 13, '14 5:59 PM EST
Maryna Medvinsky and Walter Kucharski
Maryna Medvinsky and Walter Kucharski

Two recent M. Arch alumni, Walter Kucharski and Maryna Medvinsky presented their thesis on January 8, 2014 as part of a Boston Society of Architects evening featuring work from local schools of architecture that address transportation. They represented the BAC admirably. Their work continues to be on exhibit at the BSA through April.

Walter Kucharski spoke about his thesis, Beyond Hybrid, as a means of reinventing architecture paralleling the Media Lab’s rethinking of the car. Kucharski’s architecture seamlessly integrated transportation and people in a hotel near the convention center.

Maryna Medvinsky explored the Big Nothing – bringing the experience of emptiness to a transportation building at the water’s edge. This sense of waiting and being is usually associated with museums and memorials – and Medvinsky wanted everyone to experience it in a more daily commute.

The presentation was well attended by friends, advisors and faculty – with more than a dozen BAC folk in a crowded room.