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Imagining a Better Future Through Design & Research

By Derin Yilmaz
Feb 14, '14 12:25 AM EST

The School of Architecture at Georgia Tech has five distinct degree programs, a reflection of our multiple missions. At the core is our professional program in architecture, an accredited degree at the graduate level, the Master of Architecture, which is one requirement to achieve licensure as a practicing architect. Feeding into that program is our undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree through which we contribute to the general education mission of Georgia Tech. The undergraduate program provides a grounding in liberal and technological knowledge through studio-based design education and emphasizes creativity and the ability to seek and solve problems related to the built and inhabited environment.

Building linkages with practice and industry, we have developed several post-professional degree programs: the newly established Master of Science in Urban Design degree, a partnership with the School of City and Regional Planning, through which we are addressing national and global challenges related to urban growth; and the Master of Science in Architecture degree with distinct concentrations in the areas of Digital Design & Fabrication, High Performance Building, and Health & Design. These concentrations mirror fields of study in our Ph.D. program: Design Computation, Building Technology, and Evidence Based Design.

'Imaging a better future through Design & Research,' a film by Ryan Martinez, features a compilation of Final Studio reviews by Lars Spuybroek, Jennifer Bonner, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Marc Simmons and many other faculty members at Georgia Tech.

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'Imagining a better future through Design & Research.'
A film by Ryan Tyler Martinez

Katherine Martinez
Ainsley McMaster

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