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Speculations at the EDGE

Sat, Sep 7 '196 PM  –  Sun, Sep 15 '197 PM
Los Angeles, CA, US | A+D Museum, 900 E 4th St

Speculations at the EDGE is an exhibition showcasing the ‘end of career’ work from SCI-Arc Postgraduate Program’s Students in the ‘Architectural Technologies’ and ‘Design of Cities’ courses.

‘Architectural Technologies’ offers a forecast on how new technological paradigms emerging from ideas related to advanced computation, automation, artificial intelligence, machine vision and augmented reality will radically alter the way we live. Here students speculate on the material, environmental, aesthetic and cultural implications of a radical architecture for the near future.

‘Design of Cities’ explores new manifestations of the urban, which reflect materially the deep societal and ecological transformations we are experiencing in the 21th century. Phenomena like global trade politics, free zone economics, new media, and the geo-cultural reality of the Anthropocene are all examined and utilized in the formulation of alternative concepts for the contemporary city.

A+D Museum

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