Sander Nevejans

Sander Nevejans

Tokyo, JP



This project started as a mixed media experimentation class at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. The city of Ghent asked all students to design a light concept for the Light Festival’s pathway. We were given 6 weeks to prepare our designs. Charlotte Laureys and I teamed up and our project was chosen and given the opportunity to construct and present them for the Festival.

The site was in the University of Ghent. So for the concept, we designed an installation that represented ‘knowledge flowing through the air’. For this we used book pages for "knowledge”, wind and light to form movement. Together we were able to create an atmosphere that, with the right amount of wind, produced this particular sound that gave life to the design.

The best part of this experience for me was the whole process of creating prototypes, experimenting with light and finding sound made from the combination of wind, light and material. I built a 3 by 16 meter steel construction, 7 meters above ground level by myself. The project was showcased for 4 days and viewed by over 600,000 people. 

- Incharge of the Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation phase of this project. 

- General plan layouts accompanied by elevations, speci cations and custom details. 

- Responsible for preparing project presentations for our client and other profesionals. 

- Worked on all 2D plans, 3D models and Rendered images for this project. 

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Status: Built
Location: Gent, BE
My Role: Project Designer and Constructor
Additional Credits: For more information visit or contact me for my portfolio.