Sander Nevejans

Sander Nevejans

Tokyo, JP


FlexOled - OleDrone

The LG OLED DESIGN COMPETITION has been an international platform since 2013 to provide designers and architects with an opportunity to apply OLED light to their designs. This year’s competition is specially endorsed by Red Dot and applications will be reviewed by a number of world renowned juries. The juries include the founder and CEO of Red Dot, Peter Zec and other renowned experts in each field of design and technology. Also, winners of the competition will receive a chance to exhibit their product designs at the ‘Light + Building 2018’ with LG Display’s support on building the mock-up of the design along with a flight ticket to Frankfurt, Germany.

ThemeNew Light of Life


  1. 01

    LIFEIncorporate the idea of ‘life’ into your designs based on your own interpretation.

  2. 02

    HUMANEmphasize the natural illumination of OLEDs and propose a design in accordance with LG’s design philosophy, ‘Human Centric Care and Empathy’.

  3. 03

    FLEXIBILITY & CREATIVITYEmphasize the flexibility and creativity of OLEDs and integrate your design into our modern day lifestyle.


  • LIGHTING DESIGNthat best represents the three concepts above ( Exclude Task Lamp )
  • SPACE DESIGNthat best represents the three concepts above ( Fit within 3m X 3m Square Box )

Materials for the LG OLED Design Competition 2017

Coinciding with LG’s release of the first commercialized flexible OLED light panels, the competition will also be focusing on flexible OLEDs. These panels are 0.41mm thin and comes with a bending radius of 20mm. Make the most out of this newly available flexibility.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Berlin, DE
My Role: Lead Designer
Additional Credits: Gracie Moreyra