Salvador Juarez

Salvador Juarez

New York, NY, US


WIRED: The Robot Workshop

Many consider a robot to be a complex mechanism that requires the integration of various sciences. This collaboration of ideas parallels the methods utilized by creative individuals who engineer these robotic constructions.
Similar to the wires found in most robotic creations, this workshop includes a wire-like glass enclosed conveyor system (which is a developed robotic element in itself) that runs continuously throughout the edifice while the studios are in session. Auxiliary robot components are transported by the conveyor and distributed to all of the studios for immediate and convenient use. If an item is not used, it is simply placed back on the conveyor to continue its parade through the building, and on to the next studio for possible use. Therefore, individuals experiencing the space are constantly exposed to scraps of robots while simultaneously experiencing the process of actual testing and assembly.
Each level generally has an open floor plan in order to encourage users to meander through the space and interact with one another so as to ensure natural collaboration. However, there are also various instances within the open floor plan where one is allowed to converse privately as well as communally. The structure arranges its entry to the eastern part of the site, where neighbors and visitors are greeted by a plaza that is open to the public.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Brooklyn, NY
My Role: Designer