Sabrina Tedino

Sabrina Tedino

New York, NY, US


HA-ha:"Let a Hundred Sexes BLOOM!"

Imagine, in the year 2120, there is no differentiation between culture and race. An avant-garde movement called Xenofeminism, calls for the use of technology in favor of promoting social growth and diversity of the community, breaking with societal standardization as we know it today. In 2120, XF has allowed us to project new social constructions in public space to express ourselves and our individuality through technology. Although we become enhanced humans with multiple identities, technology is not, however, enough to reshape who we are in the presence of the others. Our Degree Project is a speculation and it starts where the social promise of technology ends. Fueled by the need to re-imagine human relationships in this new era, we bring back the social practice of the Parisian Salon, a space historically known for reinventing cultural values and incubating creation through collective dialogue, fun, and performance. Our proposed 2120 Salon, inverts the interior spatiality of this traditional program and re-introduces participation, inclusivity, and interaction to a public space in ways that are alien to today’s time. Our proposal adopts Randall’s Island in New York, a highly connected yet isolated examining table which we treat neither as conventional landscape nor building, but as a participatory and scenographic field. There, people can openly perform their new identities and social relationships together, both physically and virtually, actively redressing the lack of inclusivity and participation that we see in contemporary public spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Randall's Island New York
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: A project in collaboration with Serra Ozdemir.