S3 Architecture LLC

S3 Architecture LLC

New York, NY


Union Square West

The Owners of this duplex apartment in the Landmark Tiffany building asked the design team to customize a new high tech home around their busy work and travel lifestyle: to merge the experience of a luxury hotel and high-end retail store.

The open living area contains furniture and international artwork designed to mitigate the large scale room. The lower level media room is dark and masculine with color accents. Across the hall, the home office is bright with custom 3-Form desk and island, and colorful metal shelving.

Custom closets showcase the clients' wardrobe and accessories through clever lighting and drawer displays, evoking a high-end retail experience. The retail concept extends to "her" bathroom, which contains a hidden make-up closet displaying an extensive collection.

Upstairs, "his" bath includes a generous spa room, complete with a steam shower, body jets, and a soaking vessel whose removable cover provides a lounging bed for steam or massage, when extended. The master suite contains custom millwork and floating side tables with integrated lighting, leather headrest, and custom furnishings. 

Energy efficient lighting, AV, roller shades, and HVAC are tied to a sophisticated home automation system. The apartment environment can be set remotely to be perfect upon arrival, just as the couple would want at a luxury hotel.

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Status: Built
Location: Union Square, Manhattan
Firm Role: Architects
Additional Credits: Interior Design by Nadine Homann Design.

​Photography by Adrian Wilson.