Ryan Woods

Ryan Woods

Austin, TX, US


Conepy: Dalen's Duckling

Conepy (Dalen’s Duckling) was a light sculpture that was designed within the Digital Manufacturing Processes course with Professor Doug Hecker during the Fall 2012 semester. The goal of the project was to recycle a bi-product of industry into a light fixture using digital manufacturing processes. The product chosen for this exercise was a textile cone, sourced from a local textile mill in Greenville, SC. The sculpture therefore begins a dialogue about light and shadow within the simple form of a cone, as well as the opportunities that can exist in recycling industrial waste. The project was designed and built by students Josh Atria, Nick Barrett, Ryan Woods (March) and Vanessa Ewais (BA in Arch). The sculpture is currently on display in the Re-Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

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Status: Built
Location: (Re) Gallery Dallas Texas
Additional Credits: Nick Barrett, Josh Atria, and Vanessa Ewais