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SXSW Center Lobby Activation

SXSW Center Lobby Activation | interiors (coffee bar), ffe, custom furniture

This unique project is a lobby activation that sits within the new SXSW Center building. Inspired by the spirit of the SXSW brand, we brought the community into the corporate space by creating an inviting, fun, and open collaborative environment.

The driver for activation is the new, privately operated coffee bar, which provides the primary social aspect that the lobby required, promoting community engagement. Our biggest challenge was fitting in with existing lobby architecture and materials while creating an elegant solution that played off the ceiling curvatures modeled after guitar picks. The sinuous shaped bar speaks to the theme by blending well with the existing ceiling, and allowing a natural flow for circulation. Clean and bright materials contrast with the existing dark wood and reflect the changing LED color lights. A wood slat wall curves back into the wall hiding the sinks while providing storage. The wood slats are lighter in tone and smaller in scale than the ceiling, providing a nice contrast between the two surfaces. All equipment, with the exception of the espresso machine, was placed under counter or recessed to preserve uninterrupted views to the two large heritage trees and surrounding neighborhood.

Different furniture groupings provide options for lounging and business. The long bar along the exterior curtain wall enjoys landscape views and the dappled light effect from the trees, making this co-working space an ideal environment for collaboration. Custom curved rugs define the lounge furniture areas and influence flow.

With the concept of a public space, the need of a security desk integrated into the design was paramount. The blackened steel pebble desk compliments the SXSW branded wall backdrop and contrasts nicely with the white coffee bar in front.

This inclusive, activated design provides an inviting and dynamic space for all to enjoy.

Client: SXSW and Greenbelt Commercial Location: Austin, Texas Size: 380 sf coffee bar + furniture groupings

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Status: Built
Location: Austin, TX, US
Firm Role: Lobby Interior Activation, Custom Furnishings, Coffee Bar
Additional Credits: Photo Credit: Dror Baldinger, FAIA