Rumaldo Genao

Rumaldo Genao

New York, NY, US

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I am an architecture student with strong desires to become an architect. Looking for internships and work in the field. Fluent in English and Spanish and equipped with essential and outstanding skills to benefit any firm. Obsessed with 3D modeling using Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper. I like to work hands on with architects and engineers from initial design development to final construction documents.  


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, Student Research Assistant

From the fall of 2016 to the present, I have been working with Prof. Mike Silver on the development of OSCR-5, an On-Site Construction Robots being developed as part of UB’s SMART Community of Excellence program. In collaboration with fellow graduate and undergraduate students from the school of architecture, I have been able to work collaboratively with industry partners and faculty from outside my department. With the help of engineers at Construction Robotic Inc. and input from trade union leaders from the International Masonry Institute, our team was able to develop a comprehensive approach to developing complex robotic tools for the building trades. Together with Katherine Martell, Yasmiry Hiciano, Stephen Jeffrey, William Quintana, Iryna Goroshko, Pouyan Bizeh, Priyanka Srinivasagopalan, Yushi Zhao, Cal Schilling, Shaobo Niu and Dylan Burns I participated in a unique pedagogy, which engaged the help of such diverse organizations such as Autodesk Inc. and the department of computer science at UB. Without much experience in robotics or mechatronic design our group was able to develop a fully functional, humanoid hod carrier that can assume the form of an easy to transport toolbox.
Some of the subjects explored in the project included autonomous navigation, animal locomotion, object manipulation and placement. To tackle the problems raised by these research areas our team had to systematically consider a myriad of material, organizational and functional relationships across a wide range of scales. As a teaching assistant I was responsible for overseeing the group’s efforts while tackling the challenge of component design, rapid prototyping, part assembly, testing, and motion control analysis. I found this comprehensive approach to making quiet intriguing. During the spring 2016 semester I even worked on the redesign of our robot’s high-end servomotors. My responsibilities also included the specification and placement of various electronic components, wire buses and sensors. This laboratory/classroom experience greatly expanded my understanding of automated systems and how they can be applied to architectural design and construction. In the process I have improved my skills in 3D modeling, component detailing, and analysis. Working with a variety of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques such as CNC machining, and 3D metal printing has greatly transformed the way I think about design and the process of making. This was truly one of the most stimulating experiences I have had as a student. Work on the project really changed my understanding of what an architectural education can be. As the research assistant on the project, I learned skills that could not have acquired in a conventional studio or seminar.

Jan 2016 - current


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Enrolled in the BArch program at the School of Architecture and Planning, UB. Degree expected May 18th, 2018.

Aug 2014 - current

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