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China Resources Building

Greening a City Icon

The China Resources Building was used to be an icon of 1980s. To cope with the growth of commercial activities in North Wanchai and for the advancement of the Cooperate identity, the Owner made decision for an evitable move.

To demolish such a contemporary icon would be to take away a vital part of the city’s skyline. Instead, RLP took this challenging renovation of China Resources Building to show that greening an existing office building is technically feasible and cost effective. Most importantly, this refurbishment work has proven its success in preserving an architectural icon in the urban fabric while bringing her up to 21st century standards of sustainable design and upgrading the Cooperate identity at the same time.

To achieve the ultimate goals, this renovation work is defined by the following directions:
 Re-planning of podium floors
 Façade renovation
 Enhancement of Indoor Quality of office floors

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Status: Built
Location: Hong Kong, HK
Firm Role: Architect