Rafael de la-Hoz Arquitectos

Rafael de la-Hoz Arquitectos

Madrid, ES


Telefónica's Distrito C, the largest European corporate project

The new headquarters of Telefónica, Distrito C, which is, due to its dimensions, the largest corporate project in Europe, and one of the largest in the world, houses its twelve thousand employees in one sole headquarters located in the north of Madrid, in Las Tablas.

A total of 16 buildings, 400,000 square meters, and 6,000 parking spots are some of the figures that shape Distrito C, located in Las Tablas.

Characterized by the homogeneity of the buildings, joined by an immense roof canopy, the new business campus is spread over a 200,000 square meter rectangle of surface area and extends below ground.  The district is divided into four phases, in each of which are two four-story buildings and one ten-floor tower.  In addition to these twelve buildings, there is another singular building –the Central Building- where the company management is located, another housing all of the catering services (open to the public) and a third holding a daycare center, a fitness center and a health center for company employees.

The project uses one sole coating material on the façade: glass.

Technically the façade was constructed through a modular system of double curtain walls.  The combination of filtering qualities and distances between layers reduces the resulting solar factor –relationship between visible light transmitted and rejected heat- to 19%.

This favorable relationship is absolutely necessary for the installation of the cold beam air-conditioning system with its reduced maintenance costs.

Except for the four towers, all of the buildings are crowned by an impressive canopy, a rooftop that covers the entire construction, unifying the complex.  Additionally, the canopy, which serves the purpose of refreshing and shading the common areas and corridors that internally connect the four phases, supports the largest surface area of photovoltaic solar panels (16,000) in all of Europe.

An impeccable landscaping project incorporating the architecture and organized around a large pond was developed in Distrito C.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, Spain
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: -Promoter:
Telefónica de España S.A.

-Built-up surface:
390,000 sqm

Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys

Project Directors:
Hugo Berenguer, Siegfried Bürger, Francisco Arévalo, Miguel Maiza, Jesús Román, Carolina Fernández and Belén Rivera

Management Directors:
Rafael Quintana and Manuel Doménech

Works Directors:
Pilar Anastasio, Daniel González, Concha Peña y Félix Falcone.

Landscaping Director:
Marion Weber

Master Plan:
Jesús Román, Hugo Berenguer and Margarita Sánchez

Collaborating Architects:
Conchi Cobo, Beatriz Heras, Gonzalo Robles, Jacobo Ordás, Guillermo Vidal, Ascensión García, Javier Amrbruster, Karmen Marco, y Luise Wiegand.

Quantity surveyors:
Amaya Díaz del Cerio, Mercedes Esteban, Isabel Fernández and Rafael Vegas.

Graphic design and models:
Luis Muñoz, Fernando Mont, Víctor Coronel, Diego Mordkowicz, Camille Vidal, Álvaro Rivera, Ángel Arroyo y Daniel Roris.

-Structures Engineering:
NB 35

-Installations Engineering:
Rafael Úrculo-Pgi

Landscaping Project:
Land (Landscape Architecture Urban)

Estrumaher S.A.

-Steel structure:

-Project Management:
Bovis Lend Lease

-Construction Company:
Formed by: Dragados and FCC Construcción S.A.