Rafael de la-Hoz Arquitectos

Rafael de la-Hoz Arquitectos

Madrid, ES


Hercules Towers

At a height of 126 meters, the “Torres de Hercules” rise up from the Bay of Algeciras (Cádiz), as a new benchmark in the Campo de Gibraltar and the transition of the Straight, as their uniqueness changes the area’s landscape.

The new construction, which is surrounded by a man-made lake, is comprised of two identical 20-storey cylindrical towers, joined by a crystalline prism which houses the hallways connecting the two buildings.

Its outer appearance is configured by the structure of the building, a gigantic lattice which completely surrounds the perimeter. They contain the giant letters of the legend “Non Plus Ultra”. Their job is to protect the inside of the building from excess solar radiation while providing panoramic views of the Bay of Algeciras, the Rock of Gibraltar, and the range of mountains. Most of the space will be used for offices, although there will also be commercial space and services.


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Status: Built
Location: Cádiz, Spain
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Location:
Parcela T4-A, Polígono Guadacorte, del Parque Empresarial y Tecnológico Las Marismas de Palmones in Los Barrios, Cádiz


Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys

Collaborating architects RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ Arquitectos:
Jesús Román, Peter Germann, Markus Lassan, Alex Cafcalas, Ulrik Weinert, Iván Ucrós, Ángel Rolán, Margarita Sánchez, Nicolas André, Ivonne de Souza and Paola Merani.

Construction company:

Structures engineering:
Inepro S.L. and NB 35

Intallations engineering:
IG Ingeniería y Gestión and R. Úrculo

Start-end of works:

Built-up surface:
19.600 m2

Fernando Mont and Víctor Coronel.

Graphic Design:
Luis Muñoz, Ascensión García and Martín García.

Roland Halbe