Studying Psychology in Architecture

  • First Writing On It's Way

    Jared Lussier
    Apr 22, '14 5:06 PM EST

    Hi Everyone,

    As the semester is coming to a close I have been far busier than I had anticipated I would. I've been contemplating what the content of this blog will be, and in my last post I said I would be comparing psychological papers/articles to architecture, but I think that is going to change. I would still like to keep the content of this blog related to the world of clinical psychology, but I would also like to spark discussion on architectural theory provoked by thoughts of psychology.

    The title of my first writing will be, "How We Experience People and Space."

    Coming Soon..

    "Differences tend to create their own species." - Louis Kahn, 1961


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  • The First Post

    Jared Lussier
    Apr 1, '14 12:53 PM EST

    Hi Archinect and The WorldWelcome to PsyArch.....I am Jared Lussier, an architecture/psychology student at the University of Maine at Augusta, and I will be the author of this blog......About myself:I am 20 years old and currently enrolled in the B.Arch program at UMA with a minor in psychology... View full entry

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