Project Collections: 2015 Socrates Folly Competition

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XX_Tower Folly 2015 by Rob Bundy

XXTower is a ghost figure - unoccupied and unoccupiable. The perpetually vacant tower is a response to the spate of new luxury towers that are prominently figuring into the New York City skyline. They contain many residences, but few residents.  XXTower is composed of residential wood trusses... full entry

Rob Bundy

KaleidoScape - Folly 2015 by Mazdak Jafarain

The Socrates Sculpture Park provides the designer a platform which inspires the interaction between artists, nature, cityscape, and the public. As a folly, KaleidoScape seeks to integrate these key elements into the material of our invention.Where does one draw the line between art versus... full entry

Mazdak Jafarain

FOLLY 2015: MERRY-GO-GROUND by Julien Leyssene

Entry for 2015 Folly Competition sponsored by the Architectural League of New York & Socrates Sculpture Park.Awards: Selected by the jury as a Notable Entry. + + +MERRY-GO-GROUND proposes to install common landscape elements on modified merry-go-rounds that are recessed... full entry

Julien Leyssene

The Anamorphic Hut / Folly 2015 by OP.AL | Op - Architecture Landscape

To folly is to foil, to critically and didactically address cultural concerns at stake in architectural practice.  The Anamorphic Hut is positioned against and between two overarching assumptions prevalent in contemporary architectural production — of architectural form emerging from... full entry

OP.AL | Op - Architecture Landscape

Mochi - 2015 Socrates Folly Competition by Hou de Sousa

Hou de Sousa's proposal for the 2015 Folly at Socrates Sculpture Park has been selected as a Notable Entry, and will be featured in a publication about the competition later this year."Mochi" was inspired by the many lives of its site, which was once an abandoned landfill and illegal dump-site... full entry

Hou de Sousa

Folly 2015 : Scroll by derek pirozzi

Our 2015 Folly proposal Scroll becomes redolent of a younger generation, increasingly entitled and self-obsessed. Kinetically simple, the continuous reflective surfaces exploit our excessive (sometimes erotic) interest in ones physical appearance. Composed of dynamic flexible mirror panels joined... full entry

derek pirozzi

Folly 2015: so͞oˈpərflo͞oəs SHED by Alfredo Pimentel

Competition Entry for the Architectural League of New York's "Folly 2015"Location: Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NYProject Date: January 2015Design Team: Alfredo PimentelAthena PatiraDescriptionIn the midst of the existing foliage, a counter point is placed at the bend... full entry

Alfredo Pimentel

Remnant, Folly 2015 by Atelier of Digital Design (ADD)

The folly, the haha, the grotto- these are innovations of the English picturesque garden landscapes of the nineteenth century. Each of these innovations serveda purpose-- aesthetics. The goal was to enhance the picturesque landscape with their placement. Such follies attempted... full entry

Atelier of Digital Design (ADD)

Balloon Swing, Folly 2015 by Lockhart Krause Architect

‘Balloon Swing’ is a playful temporary sculpture which engages families at the Socrates Sculpture Park. The colourful & flamboyant hot-air balloon, tethered to the ground, supports a simple rope swing, allowing children a unique & memorable ride within the protection of the... full entry

Lockhart Krause Architect