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Guggenheim Helsinki by Juan Francisco Garces Echeverria

Entry for the Guggenheim Helsinki Competition. full entry

Juan Francisco Garces Echeverria


THE INVERTED COURTYARD = VIEWS THROUGH The Concept for the Helsinki Guggenheim Museum departs from the idea of the traditional museum courtyard type. By rotating the typological court 90 degrees , the Guggenheim acts as a Framing Device which integrates Helsinki Skyline within the Form of the... full entry

Simge Goktay

Guggenheim Helsinki : International Ideas Competition by Martin Summers

To see more on this project visit the PLUS-SUM Studio page on Archinect ( ) or visit our website here full entry

Martin Summers

Guggenheim Helsinki : International Ideas Competition by PLUS-SUM Studio

Our proposal strategically intensifies and reimagines the Guggenheim Museum producing an iconic cultural landmark by sculpting natural light through physical and conceptual layers.  These strata develop a rich, dynamic and varied experience synergistically contextualizing the museum at... full entry


Guggenheim Helsinki - Design Competition by Attitude Architecture

Helsinki sits where the Baltic Sea intertwines with the shore of the Gulf of Finland, on a peninsula and 315 islands. The unique scenery acts like a picturesque backdrop for the stylistically varied existing architecture. The city presents itself as an open air museum to the tourists, pedestrians... full entry

Attitude Architecture

Guggenheim Helsinki- Stage 1 Submission by Zerafa Studio llc

Guggenheim Helsinki will represent a comprehensive coalition of ideas and values intrinsic to the histories of both the Guggenheim Foundation and the Finnish public. The Finnish national identity, with its historical connection to modern design, contemporary art, wellness and nature, will be... full entry

Zerafa Studio llc

Helsinki Guggenheim Museum by uufie

For the new Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki, we focused on making a museum that would be transformative. The site is characterized by its proximity to the waterfront setting and Tahititornin Park. Our concept focuses on creating an extension of a park space towards to the waterfront by introducing a... full entry


Guggenheim Helsinki by Riley Projects

This project presents the museum as a place within the fabric of the city, creating a 21st century commons at the intersection of local place and global culture, open and accessible for local residents and international visitors alike to experience the museum as part of everyday life. The... full entry

Riley Projects

Guggenheim Helsinki by studio.bad architects

Architecture has created the demarcation of importance since man built his first home thousands of years ago. Historically significant locations are speckled with imaginative structures that depict the innovative brilliance of minds throughout time, and Helsinki, Finland, is... full entry

studio.bad architects

Guggenheim Helsinki by Office One Architecture

The Guggenheim Helsinki proposal is developed mainly as a strategy, not a form, of a three dimensional field of public and gallery spaces. In the main component of the complex, the tower, open and closed spaces are paired in a checkered organization that are later modified according to... full entry

Office One Architecture

Museum of Guggenheim in Helsinki by TheeAe Architects LTD

The Creation of Architectural Garden through a Form of Broken Ice; The environment present in the city is the cityscape that creates the characteristic of the town. It is a form of elevation that our eye can capture. It may be an expression of our needs to survive in the town... full entry

TheeAe Architects LTD

Guggenheim Helsinki Competition Entry by Erik Giudice Architects

©Photo credits: Erik Giudice Architecture Guggenheim HelsinkiThe Helsinki Guggenheim is open to the world, to the city and the sea; it will become an active cultural hub, a dynamic platform for experimentation and innovation. ConceptThe museum’s design is founded on the... full entry

Erik Giudice Architects