Pratik Zaveri

Pratik Zaveri

Bhuj, IN


Panchayat Bhavan

With a view to provide infrastructural facilities in rural belts, the Bihar government has announced to construct PANCHAYAT BHAVAN in 8,463 Panchayats with assistance of World Bank. Panchayat Bhavan shall not only fulfill the functional requirements at panchayat level but also shall become a landmark representing local self governance. Main component of Panchayat bhavan are MUKHIYA and SARPANCH. Other supporting staff for Mukhiya includes Panchayat Sachiv, ward member, Engineers, Halka kamachari, computer operator etc, whereas for Sarpanch are Nayay mitra, Jansevak, Health worker, Supervisor etc. Other Services such as pantry, storage and wash area are required. As it is a public service building, it is important to include the factor of physical disability in order to access each and every function. Idea was to explore a modular design that could be easily modified for varying site conditions and bring ease in construction process. 

Bihar is rich in building traditions and craft. Most of the people in the region continue practice these traditional technologies. At the same time, there is  also a certain degree of change towards modern materials particularly reinforced cement concrete. However, quality of such construction is not up to desirable level due to many complexities involved related to skills and affordability. As a result, the Panchayat Bhavan will be constructed with local materials such as Bricks and Bamboo, which will provide easy availability of materials, enhance local skills, provide platform to artisan to move forward with their skills, reduces environmental impact and increase local economy.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Bihar, IN
My Role: Project Architect