Pratik Zaveri

Pratik Zaveri

Bhuj, IN


Adaptive Reuse - Navy Yard

Located at the foot of historic Broad Street, NAVY YARD, which is larger in area than Centre City Philadelphia, presents an extraordinary opportunity for redevelopment. The Navy Yard benefit from a unique and valuable set of architectural, landscape and infrastructure assets.


Being a part of Navy yard, with a great history and located at the critical junction of the city, new design tempts to be an icon by itself. Project will consider the climatic responses at micro and macro level, in order to achieve comfortable conditions and achieve high energy performance criteria to set examples for future generation. 

RESPONSIVE REUSE is the parallel process of reinvigorating an existing building by physically transforming its mass, adding a new structure on top, and connecting them with new architectural and programmatic elements. The existing building is made more efficient by subtracting volume from the centre, and converting the dark inner core to parking. The overbuild is a perforated, donut shape that enhances natural ventilation and is fitted with an adjustable, responsive facade calibrated to changing climatic conditions.

Looking to leverage the benefits of different construction types, we propose to use a glass wrapper to help the existing thermal mass promote seasonally appropriate heat transfer between the old and new elements. The architectural impact of the proposal creates a new kind of visual icon for the Navy Yard.” - Brian Phillips

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Status: School Project
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US