Kansas City, MO


Target Field

Target Field, home to the Minnesota Twins, is a cosmopolitan expression of vibrant people and the great natural beauty of their state. It  honors baseball’s great traditions and reflects Minnesota’s dynamic blend of urban sophistication and rugged outdoor vitality. The ballpark design showcases the urban skyline with materials drawn from the state’s granite and limestone cliffs shaped by ice age glaciers. It celebrates the beauty of sunny days and starlit nights, but also shelters the game and fans from unseasonable weather. 

The exterior features Minnesota-native limestone and echo the look of natural stone formations with gaps or fissures in the stone massing and ledges. These ledges or steps provide distinctive viewing sections that create inimitable fan experiences. The ballpark preserves the state’s wonderful baseball tradition and adds an exciting new dimension to the quality of life. It is an inviting landmark and an intimate home for America’s great pastime. The new ballpark for Minnesota is a defining testament to a team, a state and its people.

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Status: Built
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US