Petros Phokaides

Petros Phokaides

Athens, GR


Single House in Makedonitissa

The residence is located on a typical site (20X30m) in a suburb of Nicosia, Cyprus. This is an area of low residential densities that lacks public spaces and services, while the high building coefficiencies produce a built environment with few limitations that often lacks originality. 

The design maintains a continuous front towards the public street. It seeks for differentiated grades of privacy that allow for selective connections with public space, such as the visual connection with the pedestrian street and the mixed use building across the street.

The residence develops in an H shape. The lifted front volume creates a covered entrance, as well as a space for unplanned activities. On the ground floor level, the design aims to the fluid sequence of indoor, outdoor and covered spaces, which acquire multiple qualities in order to align to different occasions, daytimes and year seasons. On the upper floor level, the spaces of the everyday life articulate along the east-west axis that starts at the playroom and ends at the enclaved terrace of the master bedroom; Spaces that may be used to play or work, move or rest, which through differentiated features cover the needs of all the family members.

A crucial factor is the adjustment to the local climatic conditions, through a passive energy design and the suitable plantation. For instance, the lifted volume next to the street allows for the natural ventilation of the central courtyard, while plantation with local species improves the microclimate. Similarly, the design enhances the prevailing westerly winds, through the openings towards the west, or the west-east, double frontage axis, both on the ground and the upper floor level.


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Status: Built
Location: Nicosia, CY
Additional Credits: in collaboration with Loukas Triantis