Petros Phokaides

Petros Phokaides

Athens, GR



Petros Phokaides is an architect and a doctoral candidate at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Greece. His historical and theoretical investigations on modern and contemporary architecture have been published in Docomomo Journal, Journal of Architecture, MIT Thresholds, MONU Magazine and A10. 


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Op-Ed: Response to Screen/Print #6, MONU's "Greater Urbanism", Mon, Apr 7 '14

Greater urbanism, the focus of the latest issue of MONU magazine, is a term aiming to describe urban phenomena and strategies associated with cities expanding their territories (“greater” as bigger and more complex); and/or increasing their economic or symbolic power ...

Op-Ed: Response to Screen/Print #6, MONU's 'Greater Urbanism'


National Technical University of Athens, PhD, History and Theory of Architecture

Jul 2009 - current

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