Sloane Brown

Sloane Brown

New York, NY, US



e-Waste is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Every year, 30-50 million tons of electronic waste (old computers, TVs, cell phones, etc.) is produced around the world and much of it ends up in developing countries, posing extreme health risks and consuming space in increasingly cramped cities.
Situated in Apapa Port, the e-Filter project is a 6.5 acre facility that sorts, recycles, and responsibly distributes e-waste once it enters the city in large container ships. Because most of the e-waste is mixed in with other goods and products, this facility must serve as a flexible recycling landscape, circulating and sorting mixed inputs and outputs throughout the port. Simultaneously, the facility serves as a vocational school, where students learn how to recycle waste by assisting and observing workers in the facility and testing methods in classrooms suspended above facility operations.
In order to function most efficiently within Apapa Port, the facility is designed to fit within existing warehouse typologies and organization of the surrounding site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Lagos, Nigeria