Sarah Mohland

Sarah Mohland

Kigali, RW


Merge Studio+Lab: BSide6 Installation: Resilient City Competition

Merge Studio+Lab serves as a testing ground for innovative architectural ideas and practices.  Combining the diverse expertise and experience of an experimental collaborative team, MSL proposes to challenge the conventional paradigm of architectural processes by asking the larger questions and creating a dynamic dialogue within the confines of our current socio-cultural context. 

MSL won the first BSide6 gallery call for entry through Works Partnership Architect: Project Cityscope in inner SE Portland.  The installation translates the concept of interstitial space through exploring the relationship of the materials, reclaimed lumber and used bike tires.  The quick exercise was explored in a week and built in another and displayed in the ground floor commercial space of WPA's BSide6 building.  (Photos by Jacob Robertson)



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Status: Built
Location: Portland, OR, US